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    Outputs of our services have been applied to roads,
    airfields and bridge constructions, multi-storey commercial
    and residential building developments, construction of schools,
    clinics, warehouses and other public-use facilities.
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    We are one of the leading Soil Investigation Services
    Soil Investigation
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    Ground investigation
    Our team of highly qualified and experienced Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists
    and Geophysical Specialists provides a comprehensive site investigation service to assist you
    from the earliest stages of a project through to completion and hand-over.

Who we are

MOBEKON Geo-Engineering Limited was established in Accra in May 2008 to provide independent field investigations and laboratory testing services to support development of civil engineering infrastructure and general building works.

Over the past seven years Mobekon’s primary goal has been to develop a strong technical capacity for conduct of geotechnical, hydro-geological and geophysical ground investigation studies in Ghana.

Various geotechnical techniques utilized to conduct field investigation activities include

  • Shallow borehole drilling with Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) to determine soil strength conditions and extract soil samples for testing and analysis.
  • Dynamic probing to profile sub-surface soil layers and estimate ground strength capabilities.
  • Vane shear testing to assess shear strength characteristics of clayey soils.
  • Percolation tests to assess soil permeability conditions.
  • Field density tests to assess relative compaction efficiency of compacted fills.
  • Schmidt hammer tests are also conducted to assess strength of concrete structures cast in place.

Facilities are available for performing the basic engineering classification tests for foundation soils, and earthen construction materials. The specific tests include determination of the ff; Grading characteristics, Atterberg limits, Moisture content, MDD & OMC, Concrete strength, compaction control, etc. Standard laboratory equipment are available for performing key classification tests.

Mobekon has the following equipment available for conduct of field investigations.

• Big Beaver Power Auger complete with     safety hammer for SPT
• Nordmeyer RA 50 Dynamic Penetrometer     for performing heavy dynamic probing
• Assorted hand tools for DCP tests, vane     shear tests, Schmidt hammer test, etc.

Our Key Clients

Civil engineering consultants, Architectural consultants, Construction and Building contractors, Real estate developers, Commercial property developers

Geotechnical surveys utilising

  • Borehole drilling, soil sampling, and Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Dynamic probing surveys for ground layer profiling and detection of buried weak zones
  • Vane shear testing

Geophysical surveys

We undertake Geophysical Surveys for:

  • Site characterization
  • Groundwater exploration
  • Soil corrosivity assessment for          pipeline route investigations

Construction quality control monitoring

  • Lab testing of gravel material (grading, plasticity, density &      moisture)
  • Field compaction monitoring (field density & DCP)
  • Concrete strength testing (cube crushing & Schmidt hammer)