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Geotechnical Engineering Surveys

Geotechnical Engineering Surveys to assess suitability of potential sites for proposed projects and provide geotechnical inputs for foundation design and construction. Specific investigation techniques utilized include;

  • Borehole drilling, soil sampling, and Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)
  • Dynamic Probing (DIN4094) surveys for ground layer profiling and detection of buried weak zones
  • Vane shear testing in clayey soils
  • Trial pitting and logging of exposed profiles.


Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveys to facilitate site characterization and assess risks of adverse impacts of contacts between site soils and buried project materials;

  • Ground profiling to determine depth to rock-head
  • Resistivity surveys for groundwater explorationand exploitation purposes
  • Resistivity surveys for soil corrosively assessment for pipeline route investigations
  • Resistivity surveys to detect voids and specific buried materials


Construction Materials Testing

Construction materials testing to evaluate suitability of selected materials for proposed projects and monitor performance of on-going construction.

  • Lab testing of selected borrow materialsfor earthworks applicationsand concrete production (grading characteristics, plasticity characteristics, OMC & MDD)
  • On-site compaction monitoringto assess effectiveness of field compaction efforts (sand replacement method, DCP method).
  • On-site concrete strength assessment (slump determination, cube crushing & Schmidt hammer test)


Technical Advisory Services

Technical advisory services for water supply and environmental sanitation project development

  • Local water resource surveys.
  • Community environmental assessments
  • Water systems O&M capacity building
  • Technical evaluation of small-scale water and sanitation systems
  • Project implementationsupport for small-scalewater supply initiatives